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seed catalogue time!

I love seeds. I love poring over seed catalogues and imagining my beautiful future garden teeming with lush vegetable plants and completely free of weeds.

Of course that’s not reality – weeds are ever-present and sometimes I forget to water… Continue reading

hardening off seedlings

hardening off greenhouse seedlingsThis has been the coldest spring I can remember. The sides of my greenhouse have been rolled up twice, maybe three times. Usually they’ve been open much more than this, and the seedlings have had a chance to get used… Continue reading

feeding the soil

feeding the soil for healthy plantsThe most important thing you can do for your garden plants is care for the soil. Treat the soil like a living organism, because it does contain billions of tiny microorganisms and bugs and worms that are so very important… Continue reading

soil texture sedimentation test

It’s good to know what you’re working with in terms of soil texture and structure. There’s a simple home test you can do to determine what type of soil you have in your garden, called the soil sedimentation test. It… Continue reading

seed planting time calculator

seed planting time calculator - by skgEnter your frost dates, and watch planting dates appear for 70+ vegetables and herbs! A good portion of my winter was spent on the laptop, creating an excel spreadsheet that will do all the hard work of calculating when to… Continue reading

seedling orders 2014

This year I have not one but TWO seedling catalogues to share with you.

pre-order veggie seedlings 2014Good news – I found a kindred spirit on my street here in Hamilton! Janice grows tomatoes like you wouldn’t believe. There are 81 varieties on… Continue reading

gardening for seed saving workshop

Why save seeds? Well, for a few different reasons:

gardening with seed saving in mind1. Money is probably the least of them, because one packet of seeds doesn’t really cost that much in the grand scheme of things. However, if you are like me and… Continue reading

water kefir workshop

learn how to make your own water kefirWater kefir is a non-dairy probiotic beverage that provides you with many strains of beneficial bacteria and yeast. It’s fermented over the course of a few days, on the counter, and has the potential to taste like ginger ale when… Continue reading

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