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great grandma’s grapes

grandma and grapes

For about 40 years, my grandma (on the left) has been tending these grapevines in her backyard. They are concord grapes, that make the best jelly ever, and they are growing wildly out of control. On the left, out of the picture, is a large maple tree that is supporting the wire from one end of the grape trellis. You can see grapevines that look like they’re hanging in the air – they’re climbing the wire to the tree. I jokingly told my grandma that next year they’ll be up the tree, but it might actually happen, given how prolific these vines are.


This tree holds many memories for me – I used to spend hours and hours up in the top of it, daydreaming and carving sweet nothings in the bark. Grandma would come out and talk to me and the neighbors thought she was a crazy old lady talking to herself. Well, she may be crazy but she’s not old – only 87 this year!! – still going strong, with 4 great-grandchildren.


Grandma planted the grapevines herself, and used to make all her own jelly. Unfortunately she doesn’t do that anymore, but she will call me and my sister to come and pick them so we can make jelly – so all is not lost. On this trip, my sister and I weeded them and then¬†tied up the vines that were dragging on the ground. This will keep the fruit safe from moisture that might cause it to rot, and from the lawnmower of the person who cuts Grandma’s lawn.


The fruit has set:

concord grapes

Now it just needs to ripen!


And here is what a 40-year old grapevine ‘trunk’ looks like:

grape trunk

Thanks to my favourite sister who took the pic of Grandma and me.