baby basil

There’s something about seedlings that compels me to take care of them. I’ve loved starting seeds for as long as I can remember, and I’m thrilled to be starting a business that features organically-grown seedlings at its core. The sowing of seeds, the watering and waiting, the joy of surprise when checking on them one morning and finding that they have sprouted overnight – I’m addicted! What better way to feed the addiction, than share it with everyone else who wants to play too.

The photo of the basil seedlings was taken this spring, when I was growing seedlings for myself and for the Seedling Sale at Little City Farm, and for Bailey’s Local Foods, a food buying club. I had so much fun – it was hard work, but I enjoyed it – and I’m hoping to expand the operation to grow A LOT MORE. I will be opening my home greenhouse on Saturdays in May and June to sell seedlings and garden packages. I will be promoting myself more (see facebook page at right). I will be growing waaaaayyyyyyyy more seedlings (hooray! They’re so cute when they’re babies). In the coming months I will be pestering everyone I know, because I want to know what people want to grow in their gardens.

If you have suggestions, please make them heard!

3 Responses to babies

  • Sweet Alyssum, please! The old-fashioned, fragrant variety. Heavenly!

  • The only thing more beautiful than watching the first little green pop through the soil is watching your own little sprout (in my case Lilja) see adn touch the little seedlings for the very first time:D It is so amazing to see her digging a place in the garden for them to ‘live’…I cannot wait till next season!!!

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