seed filing system

seed shoe boxes

Here’s my super-not-organized seed filing system – two shoe boxes. Oh, and add a few jars of bean seeds and plates of onion sets and date seeds and the dried lemon basil hanging from the ceiling in my office. I think it’s time to get organized. But how? I’m not sure the best way for keeping track of seeds, other than boxes. Some seeds are grouped according to type – the tomatoes are the best example – but others can get confusing, like the large ziplock bag of ‘herb seeds’, and another one that is ‘flower seeds’. The question is, do I keep the calendula and pansy seeds separate from other flower seeds, since they’re edible? Do they then become herbs, or vegetables?

It’s obvious I need some better way to handle this, before I start growing thousands of seedlings to sell! There’s so much to do these days; all the behind the scenes prep work for setting up this business. It’s been fun so far, figuring out the facebook page and twitter, and getting into this blogging groove. I’m getting some 1″ pins printed, as promo/sale items, which I’m really excited about. I still need a business card and possibly a print newsletter – I’m thinking of producing something in hard copy – and many other things that are swirling around in my consciousness.

What would you like to read about in a blog or newsletter?

Leave me a comment and I’ll send you some of the lemon basil seeds that are hanging from my ceiling.

dried lemon basil

4 Responses to seed filing system

  • I would love to see some tips on pre- season garden planning…some ideas for someone like me who would like to expand their garden space A LOT before next season starts. What are some things I need to do over the winter to get prepared, or things to think about… (I know this is pretty general, but I need some guigelines or things to keep in mind before I purchase my seedlings from you…)
    I think Jeff is on board with my digging up our jungle for more growing space- I want to make the most of it!

  • Hi Erin,
    That’s great, thanks! I will get to work on those posts today – I’ll plan to have them come out over the next little while, probably next week.

    Yay for more garden space! It is so addicting once you get started, isn’t it? 🙂

  • I’ve read that seeds should be stored in a cool, moisture free environment for the winter. They (whatever site??) recommended putting your seeds in their paper envelopes into a mason jar, sealing it and putting it into the fridge. I’ve gone one better… I bought a couple of Lock ‘n Locks to put my seeds into. However…. my organizational system looks about like yours!! (As long as you can find things next spring… does it really matter?)

  • Hi Gwen,
    Thanks for the tips – I had heard something about keeping seeds in the freezer, but space is at such a premium in there, they have not been stored there at my house. The fridge I can’t see doing either… two whole shoeboxes take up a lot of space! I think I will try the sealed container idea, and put them in my cold room. I have noticed that my germination rates are not as good the second or third year I plant things, and I think my shoeboxes are the reason. Thanks!