pumpkin harvest

squash patch

It’s that time of year – the squash and pumpkin vines are starting to die back and reveal the hidden goodies underneath! Looks like most of what I planted was pumpkins. The yellow ones are spaghetti squash, very tasty with a white sauce made of macadamia butter. If you look closely you can also see some butternut squash hiding in there too. It was pretty exciting this year: I lost all the labels on my squashes, so I wasn’t quite sure what I was planting, and how much of each I would get. One of my problems/issues/quirks is that I always plant way more seeds than I need. So I had a whole tray of seedlings, mixed kinds and amounts, and only space in the garden for about 20 of them (out of around 60). I randomly chose a bunch and put them in, and this is the result! I’ll take it. I like pumpkin. And spaghetti squash. And butternut squash. There’s also a grey-blue-green pumpkin:

green pumpkin

These have dark orange flesh and are very tasty.

I recommend this approach if you have a sense of adventure and like surprises. Grow more than you need, and choose randomly from  your tray. It’s loads of fun.

Alternatively, if you are not the type to appreciate surprises like this, I would recommend labeling your trays really well.

What’s your favourite squash? Any good recipes out there?

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