meet velvet

velvet the bunny

This is the newest addition to our meat garden. Velvet, as the girls have decided to call her, is a meat rabbit who will become the mother of some tasty meals.

Don’t mind the patch of brown – she’s actually just pure white with grey nose, ears, and tail. She had some fun outside in the grass today and got herself a little bit dirty. She’s a cross between the California and New Zealand breeds, hence the grey bits from her California side.

She came from a friend who sold me on the idea of raising rabbits when she said they’re quiet and their waste is a lot less overpowering in stench than that of the chickens. They’re also very productive – it doesn’t take long to go from just born to ready for supper, and rabbits will breed a few times through the season.

So here we go – we’re going to give it a try!!

One Response to meet velvet

  • So Velvet…if only you knew…Go ahead and eat that extra carrot. Tumble in the dust.
    Enjoy your life to the utmost. One never knows when it, such as we know it, will end.
    *Cruel cruel fate*