she loves it

pulling out the rutabaga

This is my daughter with her favourite vegetable, a rutabaga. I planted a whole (short) row of seeds, but only one made it through the ravages of weather and insects and rodents. It’s not large but it’s homegrown and we’re excited about it. Me, because I haven’t ever grown it before and it’s actually possible. She, because she can’t wait to eat it.

I don’t know why I have a hard time believing I can grow certain things. Perhaps because they were never grown in my childhood garden? Or maybe somewhere along the line I was told that it wouldn’t work very well. I tend to forget about my garden for stretches of time, so things that need more attention often suffer the consequences. Whatever the reason, living with self-doubt often leads to being pleasantly surprised when things work out. Like this beautiful purple veggie.

After we pulled it out of the ground, we cut off the extra root and the greens, and fed them to Velvet, our bunny.

velvet eating rutabaga greens

To watch a 12-second video click here.

Spoiler/cuteness alert: She loves it!