big box o’ beets

harvesting beets

Here’s my other helper. She told me she likes to destroy things and wanted to help pull the beets, so I seized the moment and got her a big box. I forked the beets so they would be easier to pull, and she came along behind me and pulled up every one. Quite quickly. Now I need to store them. I’m thinking blanch and freeze, tonight sometime probably.

These beets also fed us greens throughout the growing season; when I went to gather leaf lettuce I also grabbed a few beet leaves to add to the mix. There’s a healthy dose of vitamins A and K in beet greens, along with minerals that our bodies need. They’re a great addition to a salad. Some people like to boil them but I can’t always handle that kind of slop. In soup, that’s ok. In a stir fry, ya that’s ok too. But just boiled – I have to be in the right mood.

Lately I’ve been doing some cleanup around the yard, finishing projects that I started in the spring, and preparing for winter. There’s lots more to do, and I’m afraid it won’t get done before the snow flies. Some things really need to get done, like the shelves for my greenhouse and clearing the garden for fall tilling. Other things are not so urgent, but I’d really like to get them done, such as cleaning out the front garden beds so the house looks a little more presentable.

Fun stuff I’m working on includes getting ready for the Guelph Organic Conference (January 29 and 30 – it’s free to the public!! Yummy food samples and buttons to collect for the kids at University of Guelph), and the Little Bird Told Me Craft Sale at Little City Farm. December 11 – come and buy for your favourite gardener!! Or check out what the other vendors are selling, it’s not just garden stuff. Lots of beautiful art and beauty supplies and sewing and knitting…. and I’m sure there will be more. Here’s an excerpt from the website:

A Little Bird Told Me Craft Sale!
Sat, December 11, 10 am-4 pm.
Drop by our exciting craft sale to purchase unique, earth-friendly handmade gifts for the holiday season! Featuring 5 local crafters, and a beautiful array of handmade goods, including reconstructed wool clothing, children’s items (clothing, toys, quilts), jewellery, pottery, soaps, teas, vegan treats, infused oils, garden items, and more!