hidden treasure

hot pepper treasures

The size of the weeds in my garden often causes me embarrassment, particularly when showing my gardens to people who had previously held the notion that I am this ‘amazing’ gardener who grows ‘so much food’ for her family. So, at risk to my own personal dignity – what shards are left – I write about my day yesterday.

I had a wonderful day yesterday; the weather was gorgeous for working outside, so I thought I better make the most of it. I spent a few hours clearing the garden of bricks, wood, cold frames, and forgotten tools. I also took down the fence in preparation for my father-in-law coming with his tiller-machine. I still have some patio stones to move, and hubby will have to help take down the garden gate, but most of it is done, which feels pretty good.

The embarassing part comes when I write about what I found in the garden – see photo above – under thigh-high weeds. These beautiful chili peppers, plus those little round peppers. I’m sure they’re hot but I can’t for the life of me remember what they’re called. Nice, eh? If I hadn’t been clearing out the cold frames I never would have seen them. It’s like foraging in the wild, except it was supposed to be my well-tended garden.

Every year I have this same problem, and every year I vow it will change next year. I will weed my garden. I will weed my garden. I will weed my garden. Sigh.

Things are changing for real next year, because I have more people keeping me on my toes. I’m reducing the size of the garden, because I need to be realistic about what I have time for. I’m also putting in about 6 or so of the 4’x4′ square foot gardening beds, since I’m selling them and need to have more experience with them. They should drastically reduce my need to weed, since the plants are planted in such a way that every little bit of the garden is used to its full potential. And I’ll be filling them with new soil and composted manure, which should help me stay ahead of the weeding for a little bit. I will then have garden paths that can be paved with patio stones or seeded with grass, since they are dedicated paths that won’t suddenly be the carrot and bean patches next year.

I’m excited about this transformation. I do believe it will help me get something done. It’s hard to look at 2000 square feet of garden and decide to weed it, but with the 4’x4′ patches, I can work one patch at a time.

AND, if customers will come to my greenhouse on Saturdays in May and June, I will have even more incentive to keep things looking nice!


3 Responses to hidden treasure

  • I read books for a while but now I changed it to great blogs, your place is one of the examples why I began to pay attention to internet resources. Good luck!

  • I think weeding is like one of those habits like brushing your teeth. We just have to work it into our daily routine for fear of what will happen if we don’t! I go for a walk around the garden each morning before it gets hot, sometimes even before breakfast- and push the dirt around . I think you have the right idea of doing one manageable section at a time. We have our garden divided into quadrants. It seems to work. As long as we do!! Best wishes!!! (just thinking about weeding now is exciting me. I hate these miserable winters!!)

  • haha – yep, I know what you mean about getting excited about weeding…. it’s funny how that works! I love your morning routine, that sounds awesome. I might have to borrow that idea…. 🙂