get outside

boots and pumpkins

What a day yesterday! The kids and I just about blew away on our walk home from school. I love fall: it’s the season of pumpkins and leaves and rubber boots. I would have been married in the fall if I could have waited the extra few months. As it was, we sweated our way through a July wedding and lived happily ever after anyway, spending our honeymoon in beautiful British Columbia riding horses and picking cherries and going for boat rides. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as much fun in October.

No matter the weather, though, I think we should all make a point to get outside as much as we can. Because it’s so good for us. Some of the most content, cheerful, relaxed, level-headed people I know are people who work outside all day, or spend lots of time outside getting to work. My friend who was a lineman working on power lines all day. My friend the postie, out in all weather, who loves it when it’s about 5-10 degrees. My friend who bikes to work for as many months as he can, even in freezing weather, keeping track of his mileage and trying to beat his miles from last year. My hubby bikes to work too, and although his passion for biking is not as extreme, he is the most level-headed, caring person I know.

I feel a difference in myself when I get outside; my insides are not as jangly as when I spend all morning on the computer. It is relaxing spending time in the fresh air, whether you’re hiking or sitting in a lawn chair. Or doing yardwork or gardening.

It’s especially good for the kids to be outside, too – they have so much more energy than us adults – and I will often kick mine outside to burn off some energy if they’re getting too intense for inside the house. It’s really one of the best things we can do for our kids, I think.


2 Responses to get outside

  • I know what you mean by “jangly” insides from working on the computer too long! I think I’ll go for a walk now!
    Great post, Sarah!

  • Hi Mackenzie, did you enjoy your walk? I did some outside work yesterday, which felt great. Thanks for reading!