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A friend once commented, in response to my question about what people wanted to read about on this blog, that she would like to know what she can do now in preparation for spring. All these winter months – what are they good for?

Well, this is when I start thinking about what varieties of seeds I want to grow. So, I thought I would share some links to the companies where I’ll be buying seeds, so you can check them out for yourself.

I will be providing the option for people to choose what particular varieties of veggie seedlings they’d like me to grow into seedlings, so I thought maybe I should just mention that now instead of in January when you’d have less time to ponder the possibilities.

Here we go:

William Dam Veggies

William Dam Herbs

Seed Savers Veggies

Seed Savers Herbs

Ontario Seed Company Organic Veggies

Ontario Seed Company Organic Herbs

Let me know what you want and I’ll grow it for you. Within reason, of course. No banana trees here.

Please share this page with friends who garden and might be interested in choosing their own special seedlings without having to grow them from seed!