girls in shades

Forgive me, readers, for it has been 8 days since my last post. I’ve been working on Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens, but only in fits and spurts since my SI joint has been acting up and that makes it hard to sit for too long without painful consequences. AND – we went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair! What fun. You can see my movie stars in the photo above.

The petting farm was a big hit – we loved the llamas! And they had some Silkie chickens, poor things, that got easter-egged for some strange reason.

llama 1


So the days have just flown by, and I’ve written a few blog posts in my head that never made it to cyberspace. I can’t really remember them now, but I’m sure they’ll come back eventually.

Today I’m remembering that many people lost their lives defending my right to live in peace. I hate the thought of war but I want to honour those who are willing to fight for us.