sprouts and lumber


I had a little help with my sister’s chop saw today, for which I am very grateful. Even if I was confident using it, I don’t think I could manage 8 foot lengths by myself. They’re now 4 feet long and ready to be made into garden kits. One cedar and one spruce.

The other shorter pieces will become a balcony planter. I’m hoping to have them ready by the end of Wednesday for the La Leche League garage sale happening Thursday morning. If not, I’ll just sell my xmas presents and sprout kits and earrings and pins. And give away a gift certificate for Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens.

Today I also took a photo of the sprouts, to document their progress. The radishes were most interesting, with their little tails showing. Sorry for the fuzzy pic, my real camera is semi-broken so I used my phone.

radish sprouts

Today was a good day. I also learned about how to manage sending email newsletters to people who want to hear from me, and I was encouraged in my endeavours by some good friends. Not to mention I had fun shopping with my mom. Lots happened!

Look for new buttons on the website to sign up for email newsletters! Coming soon.