green sprouts day 5

sprouts day 5The radishes are doing well! They’re on their way to a yummy salad in a few days. I expected them to be ready to eat today, day 5, based on the last batch I grew, but the other batch was right over the heat vent so I think that’s why these ones are taking longer. They’re in a window and they have a lot less heat on them.

The broccoli seems to be taking longer too – I thought it was quicker like the radishes – but there are little tails on the seeds now, you can try to make them out in the camera phone pic!

AND – finally – I see little pea shoots beginning to emerge! The peas are definitely taking their time.

I’ll be bringing the radishes to the La Leche League Garage Sale this morning, so people can take a closer look. If you have time this morning, stop by the First United Church in Waterloo, at 16 William St, to have a look at garage sale items as well as some items from vendors. My friend Carolyn will be there with Discovery Toys, and there will be other vendors too but I’m not sure who.

Hope to see you there!