watercressI had a great time at the garage sale today! I didn’t sell anything, but I was able to visit with friends and chat with people about Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens, which made it all worthwhile. This post is inspired by the woman who asked me about watercress.

I’ve heard of watercress, of course. When I was a kid my dad used to take me out foraging for wild mint and nettle and occasionally we would see watercress too. Mint and watercress both like to grow near streams, so on our trips to gather mint for mint jelly we would sometimes see the watercress. I had never considered its cultivation, though, so the question took me by surprise. Like all good questions, though, it got me thinking. Now I want to know how to grow it! First I looked in all my seed catalogues, and didn’t find watercress seeds listed. Next plan? Google it, of course! The photo above came from this site. According to them, it’s easy to grow from a stem, so you could buy it from the grocery store and start your own plant! If it’s anything like mint it will not need any encouragement to root from a stem buried in soil.

I’m going to try it. Watercress is on my shopping list, so if I can find it I will be posting about my little experiment as it happens.


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