on the 9th day of sprouting

sprouts day 9Look how the broccoli is coming along!

I was hoping to have a salad photo to show you, but my lettuce was wilty this morning. Somehow I managed to ignore it for long enough that it was not very edible anymore. I’d say shame on me, but I’m trying to avoid shaming in my life…. myself or others. It is what it is. This is what happened. Moving on….

Another exciting thing that’s happened is a meeting with a good friend who has a really good handle on marketing and communication. She pointed out a few difficulties with the way I was presenting myself, and encouraged me to make changes to become more consistent and clear. She also pointed me in the direction of spreadsheets and product pricing, with the instruction to keep things simple. 7 products max. Yipes. Well, here we go!!

I’ll share with you what I’ve got cooking so far:

1. Seedlings for transplanting – many different kinds, but I count this as one ‘thing’.

2. Large Patio/Balcony planter – Basic Veggie – tomato, pepper, beans

3. Large Patio/Balcony planter – Climbing Veggie – peas, cukes, plus some tiny tomatoes

4. Hummingbird Haven – scarlet runner beans with a tall trellis. Bright red flowers turn into edible beans!

5. Salad Bowl – big pot of greens

6. Herbs – ‘Pesto Pot’ – yep, full of BASIL!!!! Different kinds too. mmmmm…..

7. Herbs – mixed planter

8. Patio Pots with individual veggies – all ready to put on your patio or balcony and stay there all summer.

9. Tomato and Basil planters. Because everybody loves them.

OOps. Well, 9 isn’t too much more than 7….

Can I ask you a question? Can you tell me which you’d like to see on your patio? You could win your choice by commenting here and letting me know. I’d also love to hear any other thoughts you may have related to these products. I’ll draw a name tomorrow. You’ll have to come pick it up in the spring though – I’ll send you a coupon.


7 Responses to on the 9th day of sprouting

  • Tomato basil planters… 🙂

  • Basic large patio planter. Or either herb planter. Or tomato and basil planter! I’m so glad you didn’t ask which ONE we’d like to see… 😀 What kind of tomatoes do you use in these?

  • haha – you’re right Willena, I didn’t say ONE, did I? It’s a hard choice 🙂 The tomatoes I use will be a determinate variety. I haven’t made the final decision yet, but the determinate varieties will stay more compact, and not get as tall and cumbersome as the indeterminate, which grow until they’re killed by frost. The larger ones also have more roots to contend with, so they don’t make great container plants.

  • Cherry tomatoes! Very snackable.

  • Climbing veggie!!! must maximize my 8 sq ft of sunlight!!!

  • we have a winner! post coming in a few minutes.