genetic and incurable

seed savingIt’s pretty hopeless. In my house there will always be various random plates of seeds drying out after being saved and washed. In the photo at left, there are spinach seeds, garlic bulbils and date seeds, squash seeds, apple seeds, and bean seeds.

Most of them are saved by me – all, in fact, except for the apple seeds. My daughter wants her own apple trees, despite the fact that we have two in the front yard that are doing their best to hurry up and produce fruit. Two more years, and hopefully we will have the best Gala apples ever from our own yard!

She’s also saved pepper seeds and grown her own peppers, and for a few years we faithfully saved seeds from the pumpkins we grew and planted them the next year. It can be risky, because there’s no guarantee that the seeds didn’t cross with something else, but it’s an adventure. We also like to save seeds from oranges and other random veggies and fruits – it’s fun!

I actually started some grapefruit seedlings one year, and had them growing in my house until they died from either a major accident or forgetfulness, I forget which. Sprouting grapefruit seeds was something I picked up from my grandma, who regularly finds seeds in her grapefruit that have already sprouted a bit. When she does, she puts them in soil. Her plants got much bigger than mine, and inspired me to do it myself.

The next time you’re preparing food and come across some seeds, save a few for spring or sprout them right now just to see what happens. It’s a free and fun adventure worth having. Especially if you have kids in your household.

If you don’t have soil, stuff a jar with paper towel and slide the seed between the paper towel and the glass. This way you can see the root develop too! Cover the outside of the jar with black or dark construction paper so the roots don’t get confused. You can take it off to check on the progress of the roots as your seedling develops. Keep it moist but not soaking – if it sits in water with no access to air, it can rot.

Have fun! If you try this let me know, I’d love to hear about it.

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