sprout salad

sprout saladIt’s day 11 of my sprouting adventure, and I’ve made myself a salad with all 3 kinds. The radishes, I could’ve eaten a few days ago, but the peas are just starting to come into their own today.

This ‘salad’ is pretty simple – 3 kinds of sprouts, red peppers, and ground beef. It’s my lazy lunch, adding veggies to meat after the meat’s been warmed. Cooking the sprouts would destroy many of the health benefits, so I wouldn’t do that. So yummy – the radish sprouts taste like radishes, and the broccoli sprouts taste like broccoli. The pea sprouts are starchy sweet.

sprouts day 11Here’s a photo of what the sprouts looked like just before I had my salad. The peas sure have stretched! Broccoli too. It’s prime eating time! Guess what I’m having for meals for the next few days? Yep. Yummy sprouts.

I don’t think I’ll blog much more about it though. Is it getting tiring? I’m kinda feeling like I’m ready for the next topic. No major ideas yet though. But surely something will come to me.

Oh! I know. I’ll show you something really pretty tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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