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beehive artWell, I promised yesterday that I would show you something pretty today, so here it is. An artist beekeeper friend of mine makes these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind stained glass window ornaments. The beehive is in the shape of a traditional skep, and the bee is just way too cute. The photo doesn’t fully capture the bee but it’s the best I could do at this point in time, with a broken camera away for repairs and my poor phone doing the best it can.

If you would like to buy one, please come to the “A Little Bird Told Me” Craft Sale at Little City Farm on December 11. I will have them there, selling them at my table.

I was thinking I should probably explain some of the other things I will have available, too, so this post will be full of pictures today.earring display

Earrings in the shape of veggies! And strawberries. And my pins – ‘go organic’ with a sprouty, and ‘I heart Local Honey’.

sprout kit contents

Sprout kits!! Come with 3 different kinds of seeds to try, plus the container and soil and a bit of composted manure.

gardening apron

Garden aprons, useful for holding tools and seeds and other garden items while you work.

apron fabrics

Aprons are available in a number of different types of fabric, as demonstrated by my lovely assistant.

Here’s something special – the next item on the list is my personal favourite. Basically, it’s a pretty gift bag filled with manure. For that person who has everything. Or your favourite gardener who can take a joke. There’s a poem attached, to help explain to them why they are getting  nothing but poo for xmas.

gift bags

Here’s the poem:


Checking his Christmas lists once and then twice –

Santa sees all who are naughty and nice.

So sad but so true I’m sorry to say,

Those on the naughty list don’t get to play.

Instead of nice presents, only some coal;

But sometimes it’s hard to find at The Pole.

This year has been even harder than most;

Elves were creative, and finally boast:

“The reindeer helped too, so don’t step in it –

Your gift this year is a bag full of $h!t.”

Merry Christmas!


I know not everyone has my sense of humour, but I’m hoping enough people like the bags and want to give them to certain wonderful people in their lives this season.

Here’s the bag inside the bag:

bag of composted manure

This organic composted manure is great in the garden, but it can also be added in small amounts to houseplant pots to give them a little boost. Tomato lovers, add a cup or so to every hole you dig to plant a tomato in – your plants will thank you by making the most delicious tomatoes ever.

Of course you can also buy gift certificates for that gardener on your list, and there will also be opportunity to sign up for my newsletter.

AND a free draw for $20 gift certificate for next spring.

So please come to the sale! And tell everyone you know who might be interested in locally hand-crafted gift items. There will be 8 vendors at the sale, selling everything from sock monkeys to baby quilts.

Please also share this webpage on facebook or twitter, to help spread the word – thanks so much!


4 Responses to something pretty

  • Awesome Sarah! I especially love your little model showing off the pile of garden aprons:)
    I hope we can make it on the 11th- i love those stained glass ornaments and your little earings. I can’t wait to see your booth.

  • Thanks Erin đŸ™‚ I hope you can make it too! It should be a fun day.

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