Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens wants to help you grow your own local and organic food. Imagine a ripe, juicy tomato fresh from your very own garden, or snap beans that really snap, or any other fresh food that you love. Imagine the food traveling distance measured in feet, not miles.¬†Imagine this food grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, by you.

If you need help……

Starting seeds: we have seedlings for sale in the spring.


On December 20, Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens will be at the Bailey’s Local Foods pickup, selling some gifty-type items for the holiday season. Here’s the list:

– bag of organic composted cow manure, for that special someone

– Grow Your Own Sprouts Kit

– handmade stained-glass beehive with dangling bee – for your window

– veggie earrings, because we all love our veggies

– pretty but tough garden aprons

– gift certificates


Hope to see you there!


Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens

Grow food. Eat fresh. Share the garden love.


2 Responses to blurb

  • Hello Sarah,
    I was just wondering the price for a Beehive and the cost for the veggy earrings? I want to make sure I have enough cash on hand when I come on Monday.

    Peace, Love, & Harmony

  • Hi Laurella,
    The beehives are $20 and the earrings are $15. I look forward to seeing you there!