ordering custom seedlings

seeds started.

If you like thumbing through seed catalogues or browsing through heirloom seed varieties online, but don’t like starting them from seeds yourself, I can help you! In this post I’ll provide a list of links – these are the seed companies I like – so you can pick and choose your own varieties of heirloom tomatoes and peppers and carrots, or whatever else your veggie-lovin’ heart fancies (within reason).



The four companies below are the ones I will be ordering most, if not all, of my seeds from. Click on their names to be taken to the veggie sections for each. Once you know what you’d like, email me a link to the page where the seeds are. We’ll chat about it to confirm, and if all goes well and I have seedlings to sell you this spring, there will be a $5 custom seedling charge.

Order in the next week or two!!!

Here they are, in no particular order:

Veseys is a Canadian company found on Prince Edward Island. They have organic selection as well as conventional.

Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit company in the United States. They are doing a great work, preserving heirloom seeds, and have a few unique things…. like vegetable caterpillars…. that you probably won’t find many other places.

William Dam Seeds Ltd is another Canadian company, located in Ontario, who sell only untreated seeds. And there’s usually an organic option for every type of seed as well.

Ontario Seed Company is most local to me, as they are found right here in Waterloo. They do have some organic selection, and all their seed is GMO-free.

I have also been discussing the idea of an online order form for seedlings, so you can pre-order all your plants, including the ones in my regular line-up. If you like this idea please let me know! I should have that up and running by next week. If you want to do custom seedlings AND you would also like to pre-order all your seedlings, you will be able to do that all in the same order form. Let me know!!

And thanks for reading. Happy New Year!!