carrots and an education

sweet and savoury carrotsWinter is upon us; we’ve had a few snowfalls over the past little while, and I’m feeling like it’s really winter now. Temperature of -15 celsius helps too, but walking in the backyard in shin-deep snow really does it for me.

I had a bag of carrots and a bulb of fennel, and wanted to make something yummy and warming, and this recipe is the result. I hope you like it! As always, feel free to tweak it for your own tastes.

Sweet and Savoury Carrots SKG


My recipe page is still in its infancy, but the Amazing Grain-Free Spice Cake listed there is also very warming, if you’re in the mood to curl up with a book and some cake. For me that’s, oh, only every day.

I’ve been working away at this business, though. Too much to do, no time to bake cake right now. I’ve been approved as a vendor at the St. Jacob’s Market in Waterloo, I’ve put together a Catalogue of Seedlings and Patio Pots for you so you can see what I’m planning to grow, and I’ve started creating a template for my Grow-Along email newsletters.

Plus, some major learning and brainstorming has been taking place. Exciting! To me, anyway. It’s mainly about business and marketing (so much to learn!). What I’m planning will affect my customers, so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.


Top Priorities for SKG

1. Make growing food easy. ~ seedlingsGrow-Along email newsletter, patio pots, workshops

2. Foster a food-gardening community. ~ facebook group “Kitchen Garden Club – by SKG”

3. Be accessible. ~ through email, facebook, and this website

4. Have fun with gardening, and help others have fun too. ~ new pin designs coming soon!


How you can be part of the excitement:

1. Join the gardening community. The facebook group, the Grow-Along.

2. Let me know your thoughts about this – am I on track? Am I out in left field? What would help make your food gardening easier? I want to know!

3. Tell friends about SKG; encourage them to sign up for the Grow-Along newsletter or join the facebook group “Kitchen Garden Club – by SKG”.

4. Buying products is cool too.