come to the organic tasting fair

guelph organic conferenceI’ve been pouring a lot of energy into getting ready for the Guelph Organic Conference. It will be happening Saturday and Sunday, January 29 and 30, at the Guelph University Centre. Please come and check it out – it’s free for the general public! There are lots of yummy food samples and opportunities for learning about organic gardening. A number of seed vendors make an appearance as well, so if you’re looking for certain organic varieties and don’t want to pay shipping, this is a great occasion to take advantage of.

I’ll be downstairs near the book table – come and say hello! Tomorrow I’ll show you one of the things I’ll be selling: the new pins that came in the mail today!! <happy dance>


I had a meeting today with Amy at Cute Gecko. She helped me think a bit about the business, and we also talked about ebooks because that’s one of the things I have in mind…. and paper books too! It was good to get out of the house and chat with someone who has a depth of knowledge that I don’t have. So thanks Amy for the great visit!

One of the things she asked me was whether the business was local or national or global. Well. I wasn’t sure how to answer that. I feel like it’s a split personality, really…. seedlings are fairly local, unless I get into mail order seedlings – in which case I can’t ship outside of Canada, so… national? But if I write an ebook it has the potential to go global! My workshops, on the other hand, happen wherever I am. That’s very local, unless someone wants to fly me farther afield. See? I’m confused.

However. Confusion about my local/national/global identity will not keep me from growing seedlings, preparing patio pots, speaking at events and organizing workshops. It all comes down to making organic gardening easy for whoever wants to grow their own food.


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  • You’re very welcome Sarah, it was a pleasure having you in the office! You’ve got SO much potential in the work that you do, you’re destined to make it, no matter what path you choose 🙂

  • Thanks again Amy, you really helped me think about how I perceive SKG, I appreciate your time. 🙂