new pin designs

veggie pin setMy children found the new pins this morning in the office, and both insisted on wearing the full set on their shirts to school today. I love it! The first question from one of them was “Can I wear this pin today, since I’m a Tomato Lover?” From there, it snowballed when the other one wanted to wear ALL THREE.

Things have to be equal, you know.

So this morning, in between using my brain for stuff, I’m also mounting them on cardstock so they look all pretty for the Guelph Organic Conference. The Expo/Tasting Fair is FREE to the public, so please come check it out on the Jan 29/30 weekend!! I’ll be downstairs near the books table, selling these pins and letting people know that Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens exists and wants to help them grow their own organic food.

Spread the word!

3 Responses to new pin designs

  • Those buttons are so cute and creative! Did you come up with the designs yourself?

  • love how excited the girls were. the pins are awesome! love the branding going on too!

  • @ Kristin: Thanks! Yep, they’re my own designs. 🙂
    @ Cheryl: Thanks to you too! And thanks also for starting me on the branding path with that awesome font. 🙂