come to the show

skg displayThis weekend is the Guelph Organic Conference! The Expo and Tasting Fair is open to the general public, for FREE, so if you want to eat some yummy organic yogurt and chocolate and carrot juice, (among other things) please come check it out! While you’re there, come say hi – I’ll be downstairs near the book table. My display space will look something like the photo on the left. Possibly without the lights, depending on whether I get electricity or not. I’m pretty sure I requested it, but it was so long ago I can’t remember.


I’m getting pretty excited for the show – I had a lot of fun last year as a member of the general public – and I hope you can come. There are also many opportunities to learn new things about growing food, and to purchase organic seeds without paying for shipping!!


In other news, I made a savoury discovery this week:

I cooked some venison chops with smoked sausage and apple and shallots

venison chops, sausage, etc in the pan

Then, at the end of cooking, I took the 1/2 inch of juices, liquid pork fat, apples, and shallots, and blended them up using my stick blender.



I’m not sure there are words in the English language to describe it. Basically the best gravy ever… but also reminded me a bit of the cheese sauce usually served with broccoli. Maybe because we were eating broccoli and cauliflower that night too? I ate the sauce with everything. It’s free of dairy and grains, so I am super happy with it.

I didn’t realize that the liquid would instantly turn into this thick, slow-moving sauce. I guess the fat basically emulsified into all the other ingredients. It still hasn’t separated, after being in the fridge overnight.

Plans are underway to try this with other food and fat combos and see what happens!


p.s. Don’t forget to come to the Guelph Organic Conference if you can!