i heart tomatoes

i heart tomatoesThere are literally thousands of tomato varieties. I’m not even kidding. It is so hard to look through pages and pages of them, online and offline, and choose only a few types.


I did my best.

For you.

Because I know that it can be very overwhelming to choose between too many different kinds.

I thought I’d let you know about a few that I’m excited about this year.


Here they are:

1. Silvery Fir Tree

This one will replace the ‘Patio’ variety I was planning to grow. According to Seed Savers Exchange, it’s compact, and grows well in hanging baskets or on patios. And it has pretty foliage, always a plus for those growing in small spaces and trying to also be decorative at the same time! I’ll be using this one in my patio pots, such as the ‘Grow Your Own Salsa’ pot, which will also have a pepper plant and some bunching onions. They’ll be available as seedlings, too, for those who want to fill their own pots.

2. Moonglow

This one replaces ‘Golden Queen’, a yellow slicing tomato. This plant is indeterminate, which means it will not stop growing until it gets too cold. So, think large sprawling plant that will probably need to be staked. Quite the opposite of the tomato above. It’s an heirloom variety, and the seeds are organic. And if that’s not enough to convince you, yellow tomatoes also have less acid than the red varieties, so tend to be easier on the digestive systems of those who are sensitive to tomatoes due to high acid levels. They’re not as good for canning, for this reason, but they taste so good you won’t have enough left to can anyway!

3. Elfin

Another new one for me, Elfin has been chosen for a patio-growing cherry tomato lover that I know. Generally I find Tiny Tim plants to be so…. tiny. But regular cherry tomato plants tend to be indeterminate, which means HUGE plants. Huge plants mean HUGE roots, which don’t do well in containers.


After a bit of searching, I found these ones. They are determinate, which means they can handle living in pots, but tend to be a fairly well-sized plant and produce lots of cherry tomatoes. I’m really looking forward to growing them, and I hope the little cherry tomato lover will enjoy them too.