seed starting kit

chalkboard signI received a shipment yesterday! Lots and lots of seedling trays, and pots, and these really sweet chalkboard stands. My girls have been having fun drawing on them, as you can see.

The Seed Starting Kit is new, too. It will hopefully be ready in the next few weeks.

Here’s the general idea: I want to provide a great start to a backyard garden. Maybe I should call them “Garden Starting Kits”. So the kit has a seedling tray, soil, seeds, tags, some dried chamomile flowers, and an instruction manual.

seed kit contentsThe seedling tray is a smaller size, and the seed amounts are also small – only enough to plant the tray for this year. With a few extras just in case. Usually seed packets have way too many seeds for the average home gardener, so I thought I’d help solve the problem of excess seeds by reducing the amount in the packages.

The dried chamomile flowers are included so that you can brew your own disease preventative. There’s a fungal disease called ‘damping off’ that kills tiny seedlings very easily. Spraying with chamomile tea helps prevent this.


Here’s a list of seeds included:


Indoor-starting seeds:

-beefsteak tomato

-cherry tomato

-brandywine tomato

-green to red pepper (can harvest at green or red stage)

-jalapeno pepper

-green bunching onions


-genovese basil




-pumpkin (2 seeds)

-zucchini (2 seeds)


Outdoor starting seeds:






The instruction manual will be fully loaded with clear instructions and information about the plants. I say ‘will be’ because I haven’t written it yet.

If anyone has any suggestions for this kit, please let me know! There’s still time to affect what the final product will offer.