seed starting kits for sale

little gardener

My girls had to start some seeds last week, when they saw that my kits were all ready!

another little gardener

They both started flowers. No flower seeds come with the kits, though – they raided my stash to choose their own seeds.

flower seed choices

The morning glories have come up already! They were quick. They’re annuals, which is perhaps why they germinated so quickly. I’ve never tried them before, so I’m hoping they survive to see the real outside sunshine and grow tall along some twine or a trellis. Someone was telling me about growing morning glories mixed in with pole beans – beautiful and edible, growing together and looking pretty too.

stack of seed kits

If you want a Seed Starting Kit, let me know! $35 for 17 different kinds of seeds, plus a tray to start them in, and the potting soil, and compost to plant them out with, and little label tags, instructions, and dried chamomile flowers to make a disease-preventing potion for your wee seedlings. It’s a deal.

inside the box

Here’s the seed list. Those that are not indicated organic, are at the very least untreated and non-GMO.

Indoor-Starting Seed Types:

Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes

Green to Red Sweet Peppers

Cherry Tomatoes

Organic Brandywine Tomatoes

Jalapeno Peppers

Green Bunching Onions

Organic Parsley

Organic Chives

Organic Genovese Basil

Romaine Lettuce

Slicing Cucumber

Organic Pie/Carving Pumpkin

Organic Zucchini


And for seeding outdoors:

Sugar Snap Peas

Organic Radish

Organic Carrots

Bush Beans


5 Responses to seed starting kits for sale

  • Hi Sarah,
    These look oh-so-cool but I just don’t have the space for this in my house! Is it too late to order pre-sprouted veggies from you for the spring?

  • Thanks Amy!
    You don’t actually need to pre-order, I’ll be starting lots and lots, especially since I’ll be at the St. Jacob’s Market in May and June!!! But if you want to order you are more than welcome, and I can keep them aside for you.

  • Hello Sarah,
    Awesome Greenhouse! I just wanted to know how many seeds of each kind we get (in general, one? two? ten?)? I don’t have a really big yard but would love to get a kit. There are so many amazing seeds in the kit. Thank you for taking the time to put them all together.

    Laurella W.

  • Good Morning!
    Do you ship the seed kit or do we have to pick it up? How much space is required in the house to start these?

    Thank you,


  • @Laurella – thanks! The greenhouse rocks my stripey socks too. The amount of seeds in the kit is just a bit more than will fill the growing containers – so 5 of each tomato and pepper, a bit more of the chives and onions because you can grow a few together in a cell, etc. Pumpkins and zucchini there are 2 of each.

    @Susie – I can ship the kit if you like, but if you want to save the $15 you are more than welcome to pick it up at my place. If Kitchener is not too much of a journey for you. The tray itself is 8″x20″. If you’re using supplemental lighting (recommended), then the lights might take up a bit more space than that.

    Thanks for the questions ladies!