happy spring

There are a few things peeking out of the soil already in my garden! I thought I’d give you a bit of a tour.


Above: parsley that grew last year is coming back again this year. Parsley is a biennial, which means it grows roots and leaves the first year, and will go to seed in the second year. I will still plant more this year, because when the plant produces seeds it has less resources to give to the leaves, so the harvest of yummy parsley leaves is way less. I want to collect seeds and also save a lot of leaves and dry them for winter, so I’ll need first year and second year parsley.


Can you see the wee garlic shoot poking out of the soil? Right in the centre of the photo. I planted roughly 30 cloves last fall, and there are about 5 that I can see coming out of the soil already on this first day of spring. I can’t wait for scapes, they’re so tasty in a stir-fry.


This is sorrel – french sorrel to be precise. It has a sour flavour, so it’s hard to eat too much of it at once, but it’s nice to add a little bit of unique flavour to a larger salad. It’s also used in soups, where the flavour blends with everything else and it’s not too overpowering at all. It sends out a tall flowering shoot in the summertime, which often gets so heavy it just falls over. I haven’t yet saved seeds from it. They’re so tiny, and by the time they’re dry enough they’ve fallen out of the pods! I think I’ll try again this year, though. I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

walking onions

The walking onions that I planted last fall are also growing green leaves! For more information about these unusual veggies, see this older post.


Last but not least, you can see the oregano growing too, under the leaves. I still need to clean up the garden, but I’m going to wait a bit. The leaves and other detritus provides a bit of protection for the young plants, and the nights are still cold.

Thanks for joining the tour! I’d love to hear about what’s growing in your garden – leave a comment to share.


3 Responses to happy spring

  • I haven’t been out to inspect our wee little garden yet (the snow in the backyard just finished melting away this weekend!) but there is going to be some major remodeling this year! Going to try and make the garden a little wider (not sure how much more space we can get, it’s a shared backyard in our townhouse complex) and replanting a lot with seedlings we’ll be purchasing from you! I may keep my savoury and am keeping the dill, other than that, its going to be a clean canvas fairly soon to start over! We also have a tiny garden off to the side of our patio for Hope’s flowers! 2 kinds of poppies, and a few other perennials!

  • This post made me get all excited! Sure the weather is getting slightly warmer and the snow has almost melted, but true spring comes when the greens start popping out of the ground and the trees start to bud.

  • @Melissa – yay for expanding the garden! Mine slowly took over our yard bit by bit over the years…. let’s see how much you can get away with 🙂 Hannah is growing poppies too – ‘Venus’ variety. They look like Dr. Seuss fluffs, I can’t wait to see them.

    @Kristin – yep, I love the greens! I always say I can tell it’s spring when the girls come in the house smelling like wild garlic and chives. 🙂