to market to market

trailer in progress

At this time next week, I will have had my first market day – Thursday May 5 – and I will be planning for my next one – Saturday May 7 – and hopefully will be paying off some bills! Hubby is working to get the trailer ready for the babies. I can’t wait to see it, because it’s going to look like a little mini-greenhouse on wheels!

Speaking of mini-greenhouse, how are your seedlings (if you’ve started some)? This grey weather has slowed the progress of mine considerably. I’m really hoping May is a very very very sunny month. There are a few that I will be seeding today, for more batches, and I will also be taking cuttings from my mint in the front herb garden. Another crossing-fingers moment for me, because normally I would already have them rooted! This year has been so grey that things are really slow. I’m hoping a stint in the greenhouse will speed up the mint, though. At least enough to generate a good root system for each of them.

In other news, I’m also getting ready for a workshop I’ll be presenting at Little City Farm tomorrow, about ‘Garden Potions’. All about concoctions you can mix up at home to help your babies along. And the larger ones in the garden, too! I’m really looking forward to the workshop.

So much going on! I love to be busy with this kind of work. It’s great meeting new people and sharing knowledge. If you ever have a question, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and ask.