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eating fiddleheads


I was gifted some fiddleheads last Saturday at the market, by a friend who stopped to say hello. She gave me some quick instructions too, since I had never eaten them before.

First you soak them in saltwater. Either let them sit overnight or rinse them really well to get the brown bits off.

fiddleheads soaking

Then sauté in butter and garlic.

fiddleheads in a pan

I added a few extras: some zucchini and sausage!

They were pretty tasty, although one or two were bitter. Not sure why. I’d recommend trying them, though. It wasn’t as difficult or scary as I thought it would be, and now I can say I’ve eaten them and know how to prepare them! Give it a try, now, before the season is over. Thanks Susan!


customize your pot of herbs

Would you like a lovely planter of herbs on your deck this summer?

Would you like someone else to do the work of planting it?

I’m putting together large patio pots full of a variety of herbs, and you can customize your mix of herbs according to your taste. If you’d like to pick 6 from the list below and email me your request, I’ll pot it up for you and put your name on it right away.

<sarahskitchengardens at gmail dot com>

The pots are round, 10″ deep with a diameter of 15″. Fairly big, but still moveable. They’re made from pressed fibre so they have an earthy, natural look. The cost is $20 per pot. They will be available for pickup starting Monday, May 23.

You have 2 options for pickup:

1. At my greenhouse, 136 Ann Street in Kitchener, Mondays and Tuesdays from 11am-9pm.

2. At the St. Jacob’s Market on any Saturday from May 28 – June 18. (Let me know ahead, though!)


If you can think of anyone else who might be interested in this offer, could you please share this page with them? Thanks!

I would also be grateful for any Facebook/Twitter linkage you could give.


Here’s the list of herbs:

Annuals (one year only)

Rosie Basil – gorgeous deep purple

Lemon Basil

Spicy Globe Basil

Thai Basil

Genovese Basil – the usual pesto variety


Curly Parsley

Flat-Leafed Parsley

Rosemary (some overwinter this one by bringing it in the house)


Perennials (will come back again if it’s dug into the ground)

Chocolate Mint


Italian Oregano

Greek Oregano





And – here’s a side view of what the pot will look like:

planter side view

I wish I had a gorgeous picture of one of these planted up with herbs at their peak to show you, but it’s my first year offering them in these containers. I keep telling myself, next year will have lots of beautiful promo pics. Of the planters, but also of all the tomato varieties and super amazing hot peppers too.

Thanks so much to everyone who is encouraging me along the way – new friends and old. Much appreciated.