eating fiddleheads


I was gifted some fiddleheads last Saturday at the market, by a friend who stopped to say hello. She gave me some quick instructions too, since I had never eaten them before.

First you soak them in saltwater. Either let them sit overnight or rinse them really well to get the brown bits off.

fiddleheads soaking

Then sauté in butter and garlic.

fiddleheads in a pan

I added a few extras: some zucchini and sausage!

They were pretty tasty, although one or two were bitter. Not sure why. I’d recommend trying them, though. It wasn’t as difficult or scary as I thought it would be, and now I can say I’ve eaten them and know how to prepare them! Give it a try, now, before the season is over. Thanks Susan!


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  • I find it better if you overcook them. Kind of like brussels sprouts.

  • I find they get bitter if you overcook them. Kind of like brussels sprouts.

  • ignore 1st post

  • lol thanks Josh 🙂 I didn’t think they spent too long in the pan, but I’ll take it easy on them next time.

  • You’re very welcome!
    I’m glad that you were brave enough to try them.
    My little one wasn’t impressed but my daughter loved them! lol

  • My kids didn’t really like them, Susan – so I probably won’t buy them very much. Could be fun to forage for them though!

  • I tried fiddleheads for the first time this year. Another way to cook fiddleheads is given by Rose Murray, who is sometimes on CTV. Her website is She advises boiling them for 5-7 min. for the best flavour, then seasoning them with salt, pepper and butter. She also has a recipe for a fiddlehead salad.

  • Thanks Alice, I’ll have to try that next time!

  • Yeah… we just ate some for the first time too! They have been growing in random places in our city yard. We boiled them first for 7 min, then pan fried with garlic and butter. Stir on some good ol’ Parmesan. Then add a little (just a little!) splash o’ lemon juice just before serving. It was delicious! Bon appetite!!!