lazy potatoes

I was gifted some organic seed potatoes this past weekend, so I thought I’d try a technique that I remember reading about awhile back. I didn’t do any additional research because my days are crazy this time of year. I just went out and dumped them onto the ground where last year’s garden was:


Added some compost:

potatoes and compost

Opened up a banana box and placed it around them (plus took out a few big weeds):

potatoes and compost in a box

Added a bit of soil dug from the garden:

potatoes and compost and soil in a box

Took some straw and filled the box to 2/3 of capacity:

potatoes and compost and soil and straw in a box

And now, I’m waiting to see what happens. I’ve heard this makes it easy to harvest them. And, I think I’m supposed to add more straw around them as they grow taller. For now I need to just wait for the greens and we’ll take it from there!


This year I’m also experimenting with using boxes for carrots:

potting soil and compost and carrot seeds in boxes

I generally don’t have much luck with carrots. This is probably due to the fact that I’m not super great at making my soil nice and fluffy. So – here’s a whole lotta fluffy in boxes, we’ll see how these two varieties of carrot enjoy the potting soil. I’m trying Amsterdam Maxi and Danvers 125.

How is your garden growing?


5 Responses to lazy potatoes

  • I let a bunch of stuff go to seed – my veggie garden is a sea of dill, wild garlic and strawberry spinach and I’m expecting some tomatoes very soon! I’m going to try this with my potatoes too, thanks!

  • This is so cool! I have been researching the ins and outs of potato planting, and I still haven’t had the courage to just plant them:P I can’t wait to see how your ‘experiment’ goes!

  • Ally – your garden sounds yummy!! 🙂

    Erin – I will definitely have to remember to post a follow up! 🙂

  • Hmm… very interesting. I like this! I will try!