garden tour

carrot seedlings

Carrot seedlings have sprouted in their boxes!

sugar ann peas

Sugar Ann Peas – a dwarf variety of sugar snap. (edible pod)


Tiny strawberry plant. We’ll see how these do. I’ve got two varieties on the go. One with bright pink flowers!

freckled romaine

Romaine variety called “Freckles”. Appropriate, no?


Bush beans. I think they’re green.


The garlic is coming along nicely. And I love the green between my stepping stone path.

morning glory

Morning Glory seedlings in the garden – such unique leaves! Not edible.

sage bud

The Sage buds are spreading out but not open yet.

horseradish flower

This surprised me: Horseradish flowers have the most beautiful fragrance!

grandma's lavender

Lavender. I pinched some seeds from the plant at my grandma’s house, and this is the only one that has survived.


Chives, mauled by children. I love it.


I’d love to see pics of your garden too! You can upload to the SKG facebook page, or leave a link in the comments if you blog or have a flickr account.