calendula salve

There is a lot of Calendula planted in my garden. I love the beautiful orange daisy-like flower, for decoration and for its usefulness. It’s edible; you can sprinkle petals on salads or cook them with rice to colour the rice like you might use saffron. (Some have actually called it ‘poor man’s saffron’ for this reason.)

Yesterday, though, I picked the flowers I had on hand and am currently in the process of creating a calendula oil to use in making salve.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

calendula flowers

Picked the flowers.

calendula petals

About a quarter cup, if you smoosh it down. Looks like it took 7 flowers.

petals in mason jar

Petals in a glass jar.

oil in jar with calendula

Half a cup of olive oil added to calendula petals.

stir oil and calendula

Stirring it up.

label and date

Label and date.

oil and calendula in a jar on a windowsill

Now it’s in a sunny window, where it will stay for a week or two until the oil has absorbed the colour and nutrition from the calendula petals.

After the oil is strained, it will be used to make a salve for dry skin.


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