tour of the garden

I figured it was about time to take more photos to document the progress of the garden!
Here they are:
ripe tomatoes

The first ripe tomatoes – Sungold. These are a hybrid variety, so they will likely be taken off the list for next year since I want to focus on the heirloom varieties.


Here you can see three different plant types mixing together: watermelon (the really lobed ones), blue pumpkin (the largest ones), and cantaloupe (the in-betweenies).

wee watermelon

A small watermelon! EEP! Can’t wait.

blue pumpkin baby

The beginnings of a blue pumpkin.


I found three cantaloupes under all those leaves! Crossing every possible digit that these babies make it ok. We love cantaloupe.

volunteer pumpkin

Volunteer plants are so much fun. I noticed a squash vine growing in my garden where none was planted, and thought I’d let it grow and see what it was. Looks like it will be a pumpkin! Also notice another volunteer in the background – this is purslane, an edible weed.  Yum!

dead zucchini plant

The zucchini has given up the ghost. Not a great year for zucchini. Too little rain.


My two tomatillo plants are sprawling and loaded with fruit. I can hardly believe it, after thinking when I planted them out that they were so small and wondering if they had enough time to catch up!

lamb's quarters

Another volunteer/edible weed: lamb’s quarters.

chinese ornamental hot pepper

Chinese ornamental hot pepper. So many flowers! I can’t wait to see this when all the peppers are red.

super chili

Super chili hot peppers! They’re larger than I expected them to be.


Well. That’s it for now. How is your garden growing?