calendula lip balm

What I wanted to make was calendula salve, for minor skin irritations, since it’s a soothing, healing type herb.

calendula oils

I started with two batches of calendula oil. The one on the left was made using only the petals, and the one on the right was made using the whole flower heads, chopped with a knife.

filtering calendula oil

After straining out the flower bits, I filtered it with a clean old t-shirt.

calendula oil

Can you see the two tones of oil here? The lighter coloured was from the batch with only petals in it, and the darker orange is from the batch of chopped up whole flowers. I think next time I will definitely include all the flower parts, not just the petals!

melting beeswax

I weighed the oil. I think it was about 3.6 oz. Rule of thumb for salves is to add 1 oz of beeswax for every 4-5 oz of oil. So I just threw in the whole ounce of beeswax and began melting it down over low heat. This is where I should have been more careful. I now have very hard salve. So for now I’ll call it lip balm.

salve/balm in jars

The only problem is, I put it in these jars that are too big for balm. So…. I might be re-melting and either adding more oil, or putting it in smaller lip-balm style containers. Maybe with a bit of essential oil of something nice added as well, to counteract that olive oil odour. Live and learn…

2 Responses to calendula lip balm

  • Hi Sarah: How’d you make the oil? I made a tincture with vodka. Similar process though (it looks like). It’s what I used for diaper rash cream when Alex was little and he never suffered from diaper rash at all. We also use it for minor wounds here…. and for veterinary care on the animals.

  • Hi Gwen,
    I basically put the petals in olive oil in a sealed jar and put that in my kitchen window for a few weeks. I would recommend drying the flowers first, though. I think I’ll do that next time just so there’s not extra moisture in the jar.