lazy potato harvest

home grown potatoes

You may recall the lazy potato post, where I described my not-yet-tried method of growing potatoes in a box with some straw. It was something new to try, since I had been gifted some potatoes and wasn’t sure where to put them. I also hadn’t rototilled this year, so my soil was not very fluffy. Any root veggie should have the fluffiest soil possible (along with good nutrition of course) and so I didn’t want to just dig a hole and bury them.

So I have a few comments for myself for next year, and I thought I would share them with you as well.

1. Plant earlier (right after last spring frost date), so they have more time to grow larger. Mine were on the small side.

2. Maybe add a bit of soil/compost in with the straw, to help retain moisture. This summer was very dry in parts and I mostly forgot about watering them.

3. Water them when it’s dry out; potatoes like even moisture.

4. Try again next year, using this method as well as a few others, just to compare.


I know some people mentioned that they might try this….. do you have any comments to add?