spring scavenger hunt

walking onions

Today is the first day of spring! I took pics of what’s coming up in my garden, so this post will be full of them. Above are ‘walking onions’, also known as winter onions because they can be planted in the fall like garlic. Yet another name for them is ‘Egyptian onions’. They are cool because they form heads of little onion bulbs on a stiff middle stalk. And sometimes from there you get more stalks growing more bulbs… and so on…. they are fun to watch.


This is probably a familiar sight, although a little early this year: chives are quite tall already!


Oregano. This is not the only clump. It’s taking over my front garden.


Sorrel. Tangy sour leaves that I still haven’t exactly figured out what to do with. I’ve been told it’s great in soup. I guess I’ll have to try that soon! The leaves taste best when they’re young.


Tiny little rhubarb leaf! I can’t imagine having a yard without a patch of rhubarb in it. It’s not my favourite food, and I really don’t do much with it, but it just needs to be there. It’s like the stuffed animals I have. They stick around for sentimental reasons, not practical ones. Plus it’s fun to watch the kids taste it again every spring!


Thyme, coming along. Quickly, I hope. I’m almost out of the dried thyme I saved last fall! This is a super easy one to save for winter, if you want to try drying your own but are unsure of the process. It’s a plant that is already almost dry! In the fall just bundle stems together and hang upside down to dry. It’s that easy. Not all herbs can handle that kind of drying, but thyme does well with it.


Lavender grown from seeds pinched from my Grandma’s lavender plant. Grandma isn’t with us anymore but she left her gardening legacy in her grandkids. She is the same grandma from this previous post.


Horseradish. You can tell by the dead stalks around the shoots that these leaves will be HUGE when they are full size. They are massive leafy plants that send up flower stalks that are so delicate it almost seems like they don’t match. Plus, the scent of the flowers is so beautiful! You’d never know it was horseradish if you just had a stem of flowers in a vase.


 Happy spring! I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine.