7 unique tomato varieties

Heirloom tomatoes are one of my favourite things to grow. I like the weird and unusual varieties the best, because you generally don’t find them in the grocery store. And if you’re looking for unique heirloom seedlings, you often won’t find them in major garden centres. I’ve put together a list of unique varieties here in this post that I’ve grown and enjoyed over the years.

They will also be found at the FREE Seed Love Seed Swap on November 9 in Hamilton, Ontario, 1 pm – 3 pm.

yellow pear tomato

Unique Tomato Varieties to Try

1. Yellow Pear. These are the cutest little cherry tomatoes! They have a mellow flavour, not too strong. The plants grow very large and will sprawl all over your garden if you don’t contain them or prune them.

2. White Zebra. This tomato is white and green striped. It has a slightly sour taste, so if you like your tomatoes to have a little bite, this is the variety to try. The tomatoes are on the small side, and often have a slightly yellow hue.

3. Black Prince. Hands down my favourite sweet tomato. Not a speck of sour or tang. They ripen fairly quickly in season, and they keep producing all summer.

4. Isis Candy. A favourite with my kids and nephews, these plants produce prolifically all summer long, and the tomato fruits are super sweet. They’re red and yellow striped, so slightly unusual looking too.

ofps seeds5. Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge. The name describes it well in terms of appearance. It has a great old-fashioned tomato taste, and it’s fun to grow because of its rugged good looks. It’s mostly pale orange, with purple bits on the shoulders.

6. Mennonite Orange. Another orange tomato! This one is a low-acid beefsteak type tomato, great for slicing. The tomatoes will often get large enough that one slice will fill your sandwich.

7. Reisetomate. I saved the weirdest for last. This tomato looks like a bunch of grapes all jammed together, or a pile of cherry tomatoes. But it’s really one tomato with multiple deep lobes. Conversation starter for sure!

Please join us at the Seed Love Seed Swap! (LINK). In addition to all these fun tomato varieties – and I’m sure there will be more from other people – we will also have peppers, flowers, greens, and herbs.

I hope to see you there! If you can’t make it, would you please consider sharing this post with friends who might like to attend? Many thanks!