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growing dragonfruit cactus from seedIn my sunny windows, right now, are 15 or so cactus seedlings, all started from seed. And it was super easy to start them! There’s a trick to growing Dragon fruit from seed, a trick that I didn’t know when I tried growing them the first time. The difference between the two batches is incredible! I’ve given away or bartered for many of the 50 seedlings I ended up with the second time around. The first time, I grew none.

I did some searching, and finally found out what I needed to do. I can’t even remember where I found the secret, but find it I did. Thank you, if it was you in that YouTube video!

Growing Dragon Fruit From Seed: The Secret

It’s actually very simple. If you want to actually get plants from Dragon fruit, you need to plant the seeds as soon as you take them out of the fruit. If you let them dry out and sit for awhile, like I did the first time, you won’t get plants.

That’s it.

That’s all.

Well, yes, there’s the usual ‘keep it moist and warm’ recommendation, but fresh seeds made all the difference in my germination success.

Growing a Dragon Fruit Cactus From Seed: Step by Step

grow a cactus from dragonfruit seed1. Obtain fine-looking dragon fruit specimen.

2. Slice it open.

3. Scrape seeds off pulp with a knife. (super easy!)

4. Plant seeds in moist potting soil, 1/8 inch deep.

5. Cover in order to keep moisture in.

6. Place in a warm spot.

7. Check it every day, looking for dryness or a sprout.

8. When the seeds sprout, take the cover off and make sure they’re in a sunny/bright place, like a bright windowsill or under grow lights.

9. Keep an eye on them, watering as needed.

10. Post brag pics on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest.**


Happy Growing!