seed planting time calculator

seed planting time calculator - by skgEnter your frost dates, and watch planting dates appear for 70+ vegetables and herbs! A good portion of my winter was spent on the laptop, creating an excel spreadsheet that will do all the hard work of calculating when to plant your seeds. It tells you what to plant indoors ahead of time, and what to plant directly in the garden. It will give dates for planting out in cold frames, too. AND tell you when to expect a harvest and if you can plant multiple times for extended harvest. There’s LOTS going on in this 4-page excel file.

The days are getting longer and the promise of spring is ever so slowly becoming more believable, and now is the time to start thinking about seeding indoors. Some people I know have already started onions!

Frost Dates

If you don’t know your frost dates, no worries. You can look them up on the Farmer’s Almanac website:

And if you’re in the States:

If you’d like to try before you buy, please download my free ‘LITE’ version of the Planting Time Calculator – it has 10 types of veggies and provides a good ‘test run’ that will introduce you to this tool.

FREE DEMO – Veggie Planting Time Calculator LITE

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Veggies and Herbs Planting Time Calculator FULL

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