room to grow

seedlings on deck

For most of this past spring, this is what my deck looked like: it was covered in veggie seedlings soaking up the sun. Can you see why my greenhouse wish came true?

installing vent openers

Here’s my hubby, installing the automatic vent openers in the greenhouse. He likes to use the deck for a good BBQ every now and then. Come to think of it, I think I have a photo of him and the BBQ from this spring….. yep. Here it is:

bbq island

Not a lot of room there. He had to move a few trays to be able to stand in front of the BBQ.

I also wrecked a good portion of his nice-looking grass when I built Big Bertha.

big bertha

Big Bertha - an oversized cold frame

dead grass

dead grass in the aftermath of Big Bertha

I probably have the most patient and understanding husband in the universe. He totally got why I needed a greenhouse. I’m planning to increase my seedling production this year by a factor of about 6-7. We don’t have enough decks for that kind of growth, so obviously the solution is to install a greenhouse.

Living things struggle when they don’t have enough space; plants need room for leaves and roots. If you look at the first photo again, you’ll see a white tray by the rubber boots. It’s filled with brassica seedlings – I think Collard Greens, but could also be Cabbage. They look similar at that age. If you look at the black tray with square holes right behind it (farther toward the top of the pic), you’ll see brassica seedlings there too. Compare the size difference – the ones in the white tray are twice the size at least. The reason why? Space. The seeds were all sown at the same time. The lucky ones in the white tray were transplanted to give their roots more room. You can see the effect that had: they are some pretty nice-looking seedlings.

I am so incredibly excited to have a real greenhouse in my backyard that I can stand up in! I look forward to spreading my roots and establishing this kitchen garden business. Thanks to everyone who reads and encourages and challenges me to follow my passions. I’ve got room to grow.


grades 3 and 1 – and a greenhouse

Wow time flies – my girls are not babies anymore! Today I walked both of them to school, and they’re both staying there all day. Well, until 315 anyway. What a great opportunity for me to get working on my new business. After I play with the cat, wander aimlessly around the house, throw in a load of laundry, make myself a snack, and tidy the office.

I thought I should update cyberspace: we have a greenhouse in our backyard now!!! Huge thanks to family members who came to help – we could not have done it without you.

We had to remove some shrubs and a small tree:

walnut tree

Dig a trench and pack down dirt and gravel for a foundation:


Build a base and fill it with gravel for a floor:

greenhouse floor

Then open the greenhouse boxes:

greenhouse parts

Sort parts:

sorting parts

Maybe read some instructions:

reading instructions

And after lots of pushing and pulling and shoving and clicks and head-scratching, here it is without a door:

doorless greenhouse

The vents are wide open today – must be hot in there! They open automatically – the automatic openers were added, for free, to my order of the greenhouse. Greenwall Solutions Inc – great company to buy a greenhouse kit from if you’re in the market!

So that’s what’s been keeping me so busy that I haven’t had time to weed my garden, can peaches, or update my blog. Well, that plus children and the house and the new cat….