snail mail from google

snail mail from google

I will have a listing on Google Maps soon! I applied online, and part of the process is confirming the address, which means they need to send something to the address. Namely, a certain PIN that I could then enter online to reassure them that I am who I say I am.

Now I just wait to see when it goes up!

In other news, I found this plastic-wrapped bean in with all the bean seeds when I was planting them (as an experiment) 2 weeks ago:

wrapped bean

It made me laugh out loud in the middle of my planting. The girls were away at school so I couldn’t ask them right away, but they have since confessed. It was an ‘invention’. No real purpose. Its official title is “The Wrapped Bean”.

I’m still chuckling.


get outside

boots and pumpkins

What a day yesterday! The kids and I just about blew away on our walk home from school. I love fall: it’s the season of pumpkins and leaves and rubber boots. I would have been married in the fall if I could have waited the extra few months. As it was, we sweated our way through a July wedding and lived happily ever after anyway, spending our honeymoon in beautiful British Columbia riding horses and picking cherries and going for boat rides. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as much fun in October.

No matter the weather, though, I think we should all make a point to get outside as much as we can. Because it’s so good for us. Some of the most content, cheerful, relaxed, level-headed people I know are people who work outside all day, or spend lots of time outside getting to work. My friend who was a lineman working on power lines all day. My friend the postie, out in all weather, who loves it when it’s about 5-10 degrees. My friend who bikes to work for as many months as he can, even in freezing weather, keeping track of his mileage and trying to beat his miles from last year. My hubby bikes to work too, and although his passion for biking is not as extreme, he is the most level-headed, caring person I know.

I feel a difference in myself when I get outside; my insides are not as jangly as when I spend all morning on the computer. It is relaxing spending time in the fresh air, whether you’re hiking or sitting in a lawn chair. Or doing yardwork or gardening.

It’s especially good for the kids to be outside, too – they have so much more energy than us adults – and I will often kick mine outside to burn off some energy if they’re getting too intense for inside the house. It’s really one of the best things we can do for our kids, I think.



planning diagram

As I have less and less in the garden to take care of, I gain more and more projects in preparation of my business product lines and presentation. Lately I’ve been working on a few things at once, one of them being my display space for the Guelph Organic Conference.

So far (this may change) I’ve got a 4×4 Garden Patch on the floor, a 4×1 Balcony Planter on a 5×2 table, and a ladder set up with pots of plants on it. And hopefully some white xmas lights or rope lights too on the ladder. There’s a banner on the backdrop. Oh, and this is all in a 7×7 space.

I’ve started plants, hoping I can grow them to a reasonable, healthy-looking size using my indoor resources.


That could be tricky. But, you never know until you try.

Last night we went to check out pricing for PVC pipe and plastic sheeting, because one greenhouse just isn’t enough for what I want to grow. I’ll need a second one in the later spring to house all the plants as I repot them into larger containers. It will basically be frost protection at that point – a ‘just-in-case’ shelter. Very temporary.

I’m also working on gift packages for Christmas (Little Bird Told Me Craft Sale), and have only one so far: ‘Sprouty Salad’. This will contain a pot, soil, composted fertilizer, misting spray bottle, a few other little things, and a package of seeds that contains a mix that will provide lots of flavour and crunch. I’m working on gathering the materials to plant one and see how it grows.

sprouty salad mix

My guess, I’ll need to package the radish seeds separately, because they grow faster than the lettuce. The idea is to eat them as sprouts, which takes only 4-5 days!

I’m also working on some new pin ideas in preparation for the sale and the show – but those are top secret for now.


These are the ones from the first batch. I’m in the process of trying to figure out the best way to offer these for sale through the website – shopping cart services etc – so hopefully that will happen soon.


giving thanks

brussels ontario from the air

There’s nothing like 1,000 feet of altitude. It re-energizes and puts life in perspective in a way that a big thanksgiving dinner can’t. I love dinner, but flying in a wee airplane would be my choice if I had to choose between the two. My brother-in-law took up family members, a few at a time, for a bit of a spin in the Cessna 172 (4 seater) before dinner yesterday. What a treat – it’s been at least 9/10 years since I’ve been up in a plane that small!

The fall leaves were out in force, and many fields were cleared of crops and boasted perfectly straight lines – from disking or ploughing or seeding winter wheat? Not sure what. It was beautiful, though. We also flew over the local golf course, since he was going golfing the next morning and wanted to get the lay of the land beforehand. Such handy things, airplanes.

Airplanes also brought my hubby home safely from the DR Congo recently – so I guess airplanes are near the top of my thankful list this year. Also on the list are family and friends and all the usual suspects, but I’m feeling particularly thankful for the times I’ve spent with family and friends, not just the fact that I have them. Below is a photo of my girls and I, taken by my sister when we took our kids out for a hike at a favourite childhood conservation area – Mud Lake in Port Colborne. It was a fantastic time of exploring nature and being with family; another re-energizing experience.

exploring dead tree in water

We’ve spent time camping with friends this summer, which the whole family enjoyed, and we’ve worked on projects together. The greenhouse was a big one that I’m very thankful for – so many family members pitched in on that one.

I’m also thankful for the people in my life who have helped me decide to just give’er and do this “Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens” thing – and cut out all the extraneous miscellaneous superfluous jobs. I’m feeling more at peace with my direction in life, now that I’m following my passion for growing food and helping others grow food too.

And thanks to you who read this blog – I know somebody’s reading because it’s in the stats – even though there aren’t a lot of comments I know you’re out there. I appreciate you stopping by.