gardening for seed saving workshop

Why save seeds? Well, for a few different reasons:

gardening with seed saving in mind1. Money is probably the least of them, because one packet of seeds doesn’t really cost that much in the grand scheme of things. However, if you are like me and have an addiction to seeds, it can end up costing more than you want to admit. So, if you can save some money, even if it’s a small amount, it will add up to larger savings over time. Of course, if you end up using the saving of seeds as an excuse to buy even more rare and wonderful seeds, since you have that extra money kicking around…. well…. I can relate.

2. Food security – you can grow your own food, even if you suddenly find yourself unable to purchase seeds (for whatever reason….!).

3. The more people we have saving heirloom seeds, the less likely they will become extinct. Diversity is important for maintaining the health of our planet.

4. It teaches children about the cycle of life. If you have kids in your life, share this with them. It’s one way to help out us humans as a species. Knowing where food comes from is a survival skill that many are lacking these days.

This workshop:

Growing Seeds: How to Garden with Seed Saving in Mind

If you’re growing heirloom tomatoes or open pollinated varieties of beans, you probably also want to save some seeds for next year. Learn how to set up your garden for maximum seed saving ability, and how to avoid ending up with cross-pollinated seeds that don’t breed true to the original plant.

Generally, plants within the same species will cross-pollinate. If you’re interested in a long list of vegetable varieties and the species they fall under, please feel free to download the following free PDF file. It contains Family, Genus, and Species information for vegetable plants that are grown in home gardens. You can use this information to determine which plants need to be isolated, and which ones don’t.

The workshop will give a full explanation of isolation techniques and more information about various vegetable plants, so please come to the Seedy Saturday in Kitchener at the Country Hills Branch of the Kitchener Public Library. My workshop is free and will take place at 1:15. I hope to see you there!



Species List of Vegetable Plants

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water kefir workshop

learn how to make your own water kefirWater kefir is a non-dairy probiotic beverage that provides you with many strains of beneficial bacteria and yeast. It’s fermented over the course of a few days, on the counter, and has the potential to taste like ginger ale when you’re done. Water kefir grains look like clear, misshapen gummy bears. They bounce when you drop them but are tasteless if you eat them. Which is totally ok to do, if you prefer to get your probiotics that way.

There are two phases of fermentation; one is with the water kefir grains (no gluten, just a matrix of bacteria and yeast) in the liquid and the other is without the grains, flavours added, in a jar that seals. Pictured on this page are a selection of phase two fermenting batches of kefir. When ready and chilled most people filter out the flavour bits. Some eat them along with their drink.

Water Kefir Workshop by Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens

water kefir workshop - by sarah's kitchen gardensIn the Water Kefir Workshop, you will learn hands-on how to prepare and care for the water kefir grains. There will be taste testing, so you can get an idea of what types of flavours you like. You’ll prepare your own batch, which you will take home at the end of the workshop.

The last Water Kefir Workshop was held December 14, 2013.

Thanks to all who attended, it was a great workshop. Participants went home with two jars of water kefir, one in each stage of the fermenting process, plus an informative handout and other small goodies.

If you are interested in attending a water kefir workshop, please let me know so I can keep you in the loop about the next one.

You can contact me via the contact form (LINK).

Thank You

I appreciate your interest in the Water Kefir Workshop.


Are you interested in learning more about water kefir and why it’s so wonderful?

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The Top 10 Reasons to Grow Water Kefir – Free Download

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