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Planting Time Calculator

Introducing a time-saving tool for seed lovers:
the Planting Time Calculator.

I’ve created an excel spreadsheet that will tell you when to plant 70+ veggies and herbs, based on your spring and fall frost dates.

All you have to do is enter your frost dates and the spreadsheet will do all the calculations for you.

How easy is that!?

To try the FREE DEMO version, or purchase the FULL version, scroll to the bottom of this page.

On the spreadsheet there are a few options to choose from in terms of how to start the seeds (where appropriate according to the plant). Some plants can be direct seeded OR started indoors, and both of these options are given. Some plants can be sown multiple times for maximum harvest – this is also indicated in the spreadsheet.

For those who use cold frames or row covers or other similar season extenders, there are dates here for you too.

To find the frost dates for your area, you can go to There’s also a U.S. version, which you can easily find on the website.

Niki Jabbour’s book, The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener, has been instrumental in helping me with this project. It’s a great resource for vegetable gardeners, so I highly recommend you find a copy for yourself.


Try the Veggie Planting Time Calculator LITE version – it’s free!

The LITE version contains information for 10 veggies. It’s designed to show you how easy the Planting Time Calculator is to use. The spreadsheet does all the calculations for you – all you need to do is enter your frost dates and all the places that say ‘#VALUE!’ will change to planting dates. The FULL version has 70+ veggies and herbs, set up in the same format.

Veggie Planting Time Calculator LITE

Veggie Planting Time Calculator LITE

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Purchase the FULL version Veggies and Herbs Planting Time Calculator

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